The Honors Thesis Process Varies by College & Major

No matter your undergraduate program or major, there is a path through the Honors Thesis process for you.  Whether you continue on to graduate school, professional school, or enter the work force, your Thesis is the centerpiece of your professional portfolio.

Latest Honors Thesis News

To Bologna and Back

September 21, 2015
cartoon of two men playing violins

Carolyn Goldstein (VPM ’16) grew up playing the violin, so becoming a Violin Performance major seemed like the natural decision to make when it came time to declare. The requirements of the major seemed familiar. While the…

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Poster Presenter Vanessa Reeves

January 23, 2015

Vanessa Reeves (AS ’15) attended the Bioarchaeological Northeast Regional Conference where she presented research she conducted with Lauren Hosek, Riding into Battle: An Early Medieval Mounted Warrior from the Czech Republic. The subject of their project…

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Congratulations, Alexis!

January 23, 2015
Annual Biomedical Research Conf logo

Alexis Pena (EC ’16) attended the National Biomedical and Behavioral Research Conference and was one of 17 students who received awards for engineering, physics, and mathematics research presented at the 2014 conference, held November 12-15 in San Antonio,…

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Creative Talent Continues

January 16, 2015
underwater: to be reborn, 2009

In 2009, Erin Mulvehill completed her Capstone entitled, The World Through Young Eyes: A Photo/Essay Exploration of How Children Perceive Their Environment in the Modern Day. Now five years later, her work is featured on the…

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Advice to Illustrators

December 4, 2014

John McGowan (VPR ’14) created a one-artist anthology comic, consisting of the first chapter of a serialized story, The Turkey Avenger, a series of autobiographical comic strips, and a collection of developmental material from the two…

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More Risk = Better Payoff

November 20, 2014

Sarah Carlson Cassell (VPD ’14) produced and performed in a full-length, two-act musical for her Capstone, “Bat Boy: The Musical”. The show is a high camp, oddball piece which is about exactly what it sounds like…

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Engineers, Take Heed

November 13, 2014
Stephen DeSalvo

Stephen DeSalvo’s (EC 14) advice may seem even more sound when you learn that his Capstone was named the best project in the Natural Sciences category. As an engineering student, your Honors experience is sure…

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To All Engineers: I did it, and so can you!

November 7, 2014
Gina Curcio

Gianna M. Curcio’s (EC ’14) Capstone resides within the field of Aging and Rehabilitation Engineering. After surveying city sidewalks, family gatherings, and hospital waiting rooms, Gianna saw the abundant need for more effective mobility aids.  Gianna’s…

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Short, Sweet, and On Point

October 29, 2014

Amanda Canavatchel (AS 14) has only a few words of advice, but don’t be fooled, every one is crucial: Rome was not built in a day, and neither will your capstone be. This is such…

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Confounding Moments

October 22, 2014

In order to complete her Capstone, “Bidirectional Influence of Epinephrine on Hippocampal LTP via β-Adrenergic Receptors”, Georgia Christine Buscaglia (AS ’14) spent countless hours in the lab. Scientific research has its own unique challenges, and…

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