A&S students whose major offers a "distinction" program should discuss this option with their Capstone Coordinator and faculty advisor in their major.

If you are completing a distinction program, you should register for the capstone (499) course referenced in the chart below.

Distinction Which 'MyCapstone'
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Distinction Page
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African American Studies A&S: Humanities & Social Sciences NA AAS 499
Anthropology A&S: Humanities & Social Sciences Anthro
ANT 496
Biology A&S: Biology Distinction NA BIO 495
Biochemistry A&S: Natural Sciences & Psychology Biochem
BCM 460
Chemistry A&S: Natural Sciences & Psychology Chemistry
Honors requires a Proposal from you in your Junior year,while the CHE Distinction program accepts one later. You need to follow the Honors deadline procedure. CHE 499
Economics A&S: Economics Distinction Economics
The Economics Distinction Program offers a seminar in which all ECN Distinction students learn techniques of economics research, and find a topic for their Theses. ECN 496
English & Textual Studies A&S: ETS Distinction ETS Distinction  Note: "ETS Distinction" is not the same as "ETS Creative Writing" projects. ETS Creative Writing projects have a dedicated 'MyCapstone' tab. ETS 499
Geography A&S: Humanities & Social Sciences Geography
GEO 492
History A&S: Humanities & Social Sciences History Distinction HST 496
History of Music A&S: Humanities & Social Sciences  TBA HOM 496
International Relations A&S: Humanities & Social Sciences International Relations Distinction  Requires a designated IR Distinction seminar (3 credits) AND IRP 499 thesis research (3 credits) IRP 499
Mathematics A&S: Natural Sciences & Psychology NA The nature of mathematics as a discipline is such that it’s rare that even an advanced undergraduate can complete a substantive research project independently. Instead, you work with a Mathematics faculty member to define an area of investigation, then meet weekly or bi-weekly on concepts and problems of ascending complexity and difficulty. Your Capstone will be a summary of the major steps in the process. Talk to the Capstone Liaison in Math, Professor Zacharia, for more details.  MAT 499
Political Science A&S: Humanities & Social Sciences Political Science
PSC 496
Religion A&S: Humanities & Social Sciences Religion
REL 498
Sociology A&S: Humanities & Social Sciences NA SOC 495
Women's & Gender Studies A&S: Humanities & Social Sciences NA WGS 498
Writing and Rhetoric A&S: Humanities & Social Sciences NA WRT 499

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