Abroad in the Fall of your Junior year?

If you are studying abroad or off campus in the fall, you can request an extension to submit the Proposal in the spring – although many students undertake projects related to their abroad experience, and do submit Proposals from abroad. To request an extension, you need to discuss your plans with your Thesis coordinator in Honors. If you do submit your proposal while abroad, you'll also need to make plans to obtain your advisor's approval.


Abroad in the Spring of your Junior year?

It is crucial that you submit your Thesis Proposal in the fall, because you must submit a Proposal this year to continue in Honors as a senior, and if you haven't already found a topic and an advisor, it’s virtually impossible to do both those things  while abroad.

If you are able to make progress on your project while abroad or off campus (perhaps your Thesis is related to what you’re studying),  you submit a Thesis Update Form by the first week in April. If you’re not able to make much progress, you’ll submit when you return to campus, in October of your senior year.  Either way, stay in touch with your Honors Thesis coordinator so that we know when to expect both your proposal and your update.