The Capstone Project is a research thesis or creative project in your major. You are mentored by a faculty member whom you have asked to supervise you, and you complete a project that serves as the “capstone" of your major. Graduating seniors routinely cite it as the most important academic part of their undergraduate education.

Overview of the Capstone Process

Capstone Process Overview

Basic Process Overview:


Start Planning more concretely early in your Junior year. By this time you attend a Junior Capstone Assembly, you should at least have an interest that you want to narrow down into a topic.

Visit our planning section for some resources that can get you started.



Once you have found your advisor and developed your topic and project plan, submit your official proposal to Honors.

Please follow our proposal guidelines here.



All students receive $200 towards the implementation of their Capstone project.  If your project could benefit from additional funding, read more about Crown-Wise awards here.  You can apply as a senior as well.

View more information about funding here.



Once you are a senior (and have been working on your project for a while) you will submit an update of your project to Honors.  This is your way of letting us know that you are making progress, and that your advisor agrees as to the pace and quality of your work. Around the time of your update, you should also find your Honors reader, and let Honors know who that person is. In November of your senior year, you'll submit one chapter / section of a draft of your final Capstone to your advisor and your Capstone Coordinator.


5499 Course Registration

Also in the fall of your senior year, you need to register for your 1-3 credit Capstone course.

All the information about that process is here



Chapter Submission

Submit a draft of one chapter or section of your Capstone to your Honors Capstone Coordinator.  This will be required soon after you register for your 499 course, in the fall of your senior year.




About one week prior to the final turn-in of your Capstone, you will be required to submit it to Honors for our editing process. One of our editors will review your Capstone for writing quality (grammar, structure, flow) and will either approve your Capstone for turn-in, or they will flag your Capstone for further editing. This process gives you the opportunity to learn the importance of final editing and polishing your Capstone before you turn it in for its final submission.



Turn-In and Present Your Capstone

To review turn-in day information (deadlines, full instructions) head here.

To review details regarding presentation day, look here.


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