Do you have a great Thesis idea but need funding to make it happen?

Any Honors student may obtain up to $200 from Honors to defray appropriate project costs. This can include publication costs, mileage reimbursement, and minor travel expenses, or equipment rental costs. You submit a brief description via email, of how much money is needed and for what, to your Thesis Coordinator. Once the request is approved, you submit receipts for expenditures to Laura McCall in Honors (the University will not reimburse without receipts!) and we process your reimbursement. The process takes a few weeks to complete.

If you need more than the initial amount to implement your project

Honors supports a select number of Thesis projects with Crown Awards and Wise-Marcus 50-Year Friendship Awards.   Each year we fund approximately 25 projects with up to $5,000 per project.

Additionally, a distinguished Honors alum, Dr. Lynne Parker, has sponsored the Parker Award for Women in Science, which funds a female student's Thesis project in a science field each year.

Funding can make additional research opportunities, materials, or travel available to you, helping you produce an even more impressive final project. Additionally, it's a valuable professional experience: learning to create a budget and argue on behalf of your project prepares you for future grant writing and application processes.

What we fund

  • reimbursement for research materials, supplies and expenses
  • research travel
  • other necessary and reasonable expenses
  • in unusual cases, students may be awarded summer living expenses to work on the project.
  • In some cases we’ll reimburse you for expenditures that you’ve already incurred.


  • Eligible students include Honors juniors and seniors currently working on Thesis Projects. Occasionally, sophomores who are planning Thesis projects will also be considered.
  • You must be in good standing in Honors
  • Your project must have been approved by your faculty Thesis Advisor.

To Apply

Eligible students must have a Thesis Proposal approved by both the Honors Program and their Thesis Advisor. Discuss your Thesis financial needs with your Thesis Advisor and work with your Advisor on drafting your application.  

  • Juniors: Apply in February, once you have a project started. We’ll have a workshop in December to help you prepare your application.
  • Seniors: Some students only discover a need for funds the summer before senior year (maybe you were abroad in spring?), so we have a second round for seniors in the fall. That deadline is in early October.