How the 499 Process Works

Fill out this form exactly as you would the old, paper 499 form.

*If you make a mistake, or lose your form, just come back to this page to generate a new one.

*You will need the last 4 digits of your advisor's SUID (or whoever is grading your 499). This allows your advisor to enter a grade in MySlice for your Capstone course. If you don't know it now, please make sure you provide it on the form when you come in to have Honors sign off.

Submit your form by October 1st

Submit the form, then print out the copy that is delivered to your email.

  • If you use SUMail (web app) you can create a PDF of the emailed form by right-clicking on the webpage. If you have a PDF creator, it will give you the option to save as a PDF.
  • If you don't have the ability to create a PDF, just print out the email and have that signed.

Walk your printed copy around for the needed signatures.

  • Some of the signature fields will fill in the name of the person whose signature you need, based on how you filled out the form.

Come to Honors to have your form verified and signed.

At this point you should have all your advisor and department signatures, so by the time you are registering for Spring classes, come into the Honors suite in 306 Bowne with your form. We will verify your information and sign off on your form. You're almost done!


Take the form to your Dean's office in your home college.

  1. This is your last step. Deliver the form, signed by Honors, to your Dean's office. They will give it final approval, sign, and in most cases they will deliver it to the Registrar's office. In some cases, they may ask you to walk it over. That office is in 103 Steele.
  2. We recommend you take a photocopy or scan of your fully signed 499 in case the form is accidentally misplaced!
  3. The registrar's office will add the course to your transcript.

Complete Your Capstone

When your Capstone is done and ready to be graded, your advisor (or whoever you registered as your grader) will go into MySlice and give you a grade for your Capstone.

In order to be certified with Renée Crown Honors, this grade must be a B or above.