Finding an Honors Reader:

You and your Advisor together select your Honors Reader, who is usually in your major or a thematically related field.  You then ask, in person, explaining your project, and expressing appreciation for their assistance. It can be any faculty member; it does not need to be a faculty member “officially” affiliated with Honors. You need to give us the name of your Reader on 499 Day.

The Honors Reader plays three important roles:

  • Reviews an early draft/iteration of the project and comments on its strengths and on its weaknesses, and communicates these to your Advisor as well.  This can happen as early as the fall semester of the final year, but should take place no later than February of the final semester to assure adequate time for you to take advantage of suggestions and address significant concerns.  You work with your Advisor to incorporate these suggestions into future drafts.
  • Reviews the first draft of the Executive Summary of your project (see appropriate timeline for dates), returning it to you with comments.  This summary, written for a non-expert audience, is part of the Command of Language requirement for all Honors students.
  • Reviews and signs off on the final draft, after you and your Advisor have together reviewed many drafts of the project, and your Advisor is satisfied with the entire work (including the Summary), and is ready to give final approval to the project and the written components.  At that point, your Honors Reader carefully reviews it on behalf of Honors to assure that it meets an appropriately high standard in the discipline (worthy of undergraduate Honors).  You make any necessary corrections to the draft; then both your Advisor and your Honors Reader approve the complete, final text by signing the title page, and you submit the entire project to the Honors Program on Thesis Turn-in Day.

The Honors Program may require an additional reader for any Thesis Project -- in the case of an interdisciplinary project, for example.  Final approval of the project remains the responsibility of the Director of the Honors Program.