Interested in Bioethics and Medical Technology?

Interested in Bioethics and Medical Technology?

You’re invited to join Prof. Bill Peace’s HNR 360 “Bioethics and Disability” class as they welcome guest speaker Laura Mauldin. Mauldin is the author of Made to Hear, a book which explores the cochlear implant industry.

Thursday, October 13, 2-3:30 PM in Schine 228B

Made to Hear sensitively and thoroughly considers the structure and culture of the systems we have built to make deaf children hear. Examining the consequences of cochlear implant technology for professionals and parents of deaf children, Laura Mauldin shows how certain neuroscientific claims about neuroplasticity, deafness, and language are deployed to encourage compliance with medical technology.


Image description: A book cover featuring a profile photograph of a young, white boy as he looks slightly downward. The picture is a saturated red color with white lines emanating from the boy's ear outward to the edge of the book, suggesting sound waves. Overlaid on that in white letters is the title of the book.


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