Joining Honors for High School Applicants

We aim for a diverse and representative group of students who will excel at Syracuse University. The Renée Crown University Honors Program is an all-University program, and those invited to join the program as incoming first-year students roughly represent the proportion of undergraduate students enrolled in each SU school and college.

Because we provide our students with excellent advising, small classes, and opportunities to engage directly with some of the best professors and instructors at the University, we can only admit a small number of incoming first-year students each fall; many excellent students may not be invited to enter at the start of their freshman year.

honors LC kayaking
Honors students in van for a trip


If you are an incoming first-year student and have not received an invitation, we strongly encourage you to apply to the program. We seek students with broad intellectual curiosity and a commitment to exploring their field of study deeply, fostering global awareness, improving their communication skills, and pursuing civic engagement.

Want do do a bit of exploring first? Here are some resources that will give you a good idea of how  Honors can fit in with your studies at SU.

The April 17th deadline for incoming freshman to apply to the program has passed. If you are an incoming freshman and you are interested in joining Honors, your next opportunity will be after your first semester at SU (January admission). Please feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment with one of our advisors about joining after your first semester.