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Admission to Honors for Current Syracuse Students

Students who are an ideal fit for the program are committed to developing themselves as scholars and professionals who will carry forward the principles of innovation and imagination. The students who get the most out of the program are those who want to explore their interests, and welcome the challenge of completing the thesis project. After considering all these things, if you think that the Honors Program is for you, we encourage your application.

A high GPA is not a guarantee of admission to Honors. We also read application essays carefully for writing quality, and a clear indication that your academic and professional interests are a good fit for the program.

Qualifying for Honors

If you are a current SU student and are interested in applying, you must have a minimum cumulative GPA  that reflects the cum laude graduation GPA for the college in which you are enrolled.

Cum laude for SU colleges breaks down as follows:

  • School of Architecture: 3.2
  • All other schools and colleges: 3.4

Because you need to ensure that you have enough time remaining at SU to complete the Honors requirements, if you plan to enter Honors after your freshman year, you need to talk to an Honors advisor about admission to the program before you apply.

Admissions decisions will be communicated via email to your address.


The form to submit your application will open by Thanksgiving break 2019


The deadline to submit an application is December 13th 2019.  Honors will consider your application materials prior to knowing your GPA. This allows us to consider you as more than just a number. We look for students who show that they have the desire and ability to engage in research, professional, or creative engagement beyond just required classwork. To be in Honors is not do to more, or harder, work.  It is to engage with your existing body of work to make the most of your undergraduate education, and to distinguish your academic career.

After grades are posted in MySlice we will verify your GPA is in good standing for Honors.  We will make every effort to communicate an admissions decision by New Years to your email address.

If you want to get started thinking about and drafting your application,  below are the essay prompts the application asks for.

Part I requires an essay response to both questions below:

  1. What college experiences and interests have led you to apply to the Honors Program? (approximately 600 words.)
  2. What is the most interesting course you have taken so far (in either high school or college), and why? (approximately 600 words.)

Part II requires an essay response to either of the two questions below:

  1. Consider a defining experience from your life. Would you replay it and have it come out differently? (Typed, double-spaced, around 1000 words);


  2. Upload a recent writing sample that represents your writing at its best. It can be from high school or college. It should be at least three pages long, double spaced. If you upload a sample, please include your name, when it was written, and for what course or other purpose.