Kate Hanson - Deputy Director

Kate Hanson Kate Hanson Kate Hanson


Kate Hanson, a native Texan, completed a B.A. at Tulane University where she met some of her best friends in the world in her freshman honors dorm. She grew to love the city of New Orleans, studying the history of Italian art, and learning how to cook and eat everything from crawfish to shrimp etouffee.  Kate went on to earn a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Southern California, where she specialized in early modern Italian visual culture. Her research examines images of food and cooking in seventeenth-century still life painting, print, and manuscripts from Florence and Parma. She has published, taught, and presented on topics related to visual and material culture, the histories of food and science, early modern constructions of gender, and the historiography of artistic genius.

Prior to joining the staff of the Renée Crown Honors Program, Kate was a Faculty Fellow in the Humanities at SU and taught undergraduate writing-intensive seminars as well as a graduate course for the Art and Music Histories department.

Though she’s moved from her southern roots (mashed potatoes) to sunny Los Angeles (french fries) to bella Italia (gnocchi di patate) to snowy Syracuse (salt potatoes), Kate adores living in central New York. In her free time, she can be found cooking, hiking, or reading.