Jolynn Parker - Director - Center for Fellowship & Scholarship Advising

Image of Jolynn Parker with her son at a park   Image of Jolynn Parker hiking


Jolynn Parker was born in Seattle, Washington, and attended college at the University of Puget Sound.  She left her beloved Pacific Northwest to go to graduate school in English at the University of Chicago, where she specialized in early American literature.  After a brief stint teaching and writing in Portland, Oregon, she moved to Syracuse.  Along the way, she worked as a Level B technician in a hospital pharmacy, a hostess at a restaurant called Ivar’s Acres of Clams, a legal assistant, an event planner, a personal assistant to a detective novelist, and a freelance writer for PBS and WW Norton.

Before joining the staff of the Renée Crown University Honors Program, Jolynn taught for more than a decade in the English department and in Honors at Syracuse University.  Her courses have included introductions to literary theory, surveys of American literature, courses on gender in literature, and courses focused on representations of food and food systems in literature.  She has also taught a food studies course for Honors, and an Orientation Seminar on Happiness Studies.

Jolynn has spent a significant amount of time traveling and living in the UK, and wants to finish visiting all fifty states in the next few years (she’s been to 49 but needs to find a way to Alaska).  In her spare time, she likes to run (not too far), hike (especially in the Adirondacks), read (mostly fiction), and cook (particularly salads).