Blythe Scherrer

Assistant Director - Information Systems

Blythe Scherrer Blythe Scherrer Blythe Scherrer

Blythe Scherrer has over 15 years of communications and information design experience in both the corporate world and higher education.  She's worked in software startups, cancer genomics research, and automotive manufacturing.  But no matter how disparate those fields may be, there is the common thread that people need to use information to get things done.  Her job is to make sure that all the data-driven processes in the Honors program run smoothly.

Blythe also has years of experience designing and directing digital communications platforms, and the teams that use them.    She currently directs the Honors blogs and social media.

Blythe is originally from Seattle Washington and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Marine Zoology from the University of Washington in 1999, but found that porpoises look much cuter than they smell, so decided to embark on a career in information management instead.  She recently earned her Master's Degree in Information Management from the iSchool at Syracuse University.

Blythe can be reached via email at