Eileen SchellEileen Schell

Eileen E. Schell is Director of the Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Doctoral Program, Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, and Faculty Affiliate in Women’s and Gender Studies.  She chaired the Syracuse University Writing Program from 2007-2012 and also co-directed the Writing Program at Virginia Tech from 1994-1996.  She currently holds the L. Douglas and Laura J. Meredith Teaching Professorship (2015-2018), the highest teaching honor at Syracuse University. She is the author of five books and co-edited collections, including Gypsy Academics and Mother-teachers:  Gender, Contingent Labor and Writing Instruction (Heinemann, 1997)  and Rural Literacies (Southern Illinois University Press, 2007), coauthored with Kim Donehower and Charlotte Hogg. Her co-edited collection with Patti Stock Moving a Mountain:  Transforming the Role of Part-Time Faculty in Composition Studies and Higher Education (NCTE, 2001)  won the 2003 CCCC Best Book Award.

In her more recent work, Eileen is addressing the intersections of food rhetorics and agricultural literacies, strands of which emerge in her co-edited collection (with Donehower and Hogg)  Reclaiming the Rural (Southern Illinois University Press, 2011)  as well as in other publications .  Eileen's abiding interesting in the methods and methodologies that guide feminist rhetorical studies is well represented in her co-edited collection Rhetorica in Motion:  Feminist Rhetorical Methods and Methodologies (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2010) and in recent articles.    Along with colleague Steve Parks, she co-edits the series Writing, Culture, and Community Practices for Syracuse University Press.

Eileen has a long history of working with community writing groups, and she founded two in the Syracuse area.  In 1999, she founded a writing workshop at the Nottingham Senior Living Community where she teaches writing to residents who are between the ages of 75-100.  With her colleague Ivy Kleinbart, she is the Co-leader of the Syracuse Veterans’ Writing Group, established in 2010. The group has an anthology The Weight of my Armor being published in December 2016 by Parlor Press and New City Press.   She is also a founding member of the Moral Injury Group at Syracuse University, which focuses on addressing the traumas associated with war.